Children's Eye Examination (Basic)

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Good vision is important for a child's physical development, academic performance and overall well-being. Ensure your child's eyes are developing properly by scheduling a routine eye examination.
Our optometrist will conduct an eye examination for your child. Recommended every 6 months to 1 year*
Includes consultation, objective and subjective refraction, cover test, stereopsis test and colour vision test.
For children between age 6 to 15.

Recommended Frequency of Eye Examination (Age 15 & Below):
- Asymptomatic/Risk-free: Annually
- At Risk*: Every 6 months or earlier

 * Note that patients at risk include: 
a. those with diabetes, hypertension, or a personal/ family history of ocular disease (eg. glaucoma, macular degeneration) or with clinical findings that increase their potential risk;
b. those working in occupations that are highly demanding and visually hazardous (eg. workers in electronic and jewellery manufacturing, those handling laser equipment, etc.);
c. those taking medication with ocular side effects;
d. those wearing contact lenses