Payment Enquiries

Baby bonus, CDC Vouchers and Tax-free shopping (for tourists) are only available at our physical retail store.

Yes, we accept CDC Vouchers only at our Tampines outlet! Simply present your digital or printed vouchers to our staff for scanning.

Yes, we support the Child Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme for the eligible child only. Unauthorised withdrawals are strictly not allowed.

* Only for purchases at our physical retail store.

Yes, we are a retailer participating in the Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) and are affiliated with Global Blue.

* Tax-free shopping is only available at our physical retail store and is not available for online purchases.

Kindly visit the IRAS website to ensure that you are eligible for tax refunds and that you are aware of the criteria for the purchase (e.g minimum spend).

Shipping policy

Delivery times may be affected by global supply chain delays due to the Covid-19 situation. Our retail store remains open by appointment if you need urgent replacement of spectacles or contact lenses!

We currently ship locally in Singapore, but feel free to reach out to our customer support at sales@rayliteoptical.com.sg if you would like us to ship to your country!

The time of delivery depends on your prescription. Prescriptions between -6.00D and +4.00D have a shorter delivery time.

Here are the estimated delivery times for the various prescriptions for delivery within Singapore:

- Non-prescription products & sunglasses: 2-4 business days
- Clear single vision prescription glasses: 3-5 business days
- Tinted or photochromic single vision lenses: 3 to 7 business days

* Shipping times may be delayed due to the coronavirus situation in Singapore. Kindly factor in additional days in the shipping. Thank you for your patience!

For urgent orders, you may call us at +65 6781 1133. Glasses with prescription within our stock range can be done within 30 minutes at our retail store. 

For prescriptions within our stock range (up to -6.00D/-2.00DC), new glasses can be ready in as fast as 30 minutes at our retail store. 

Contact us at +65 6781 1133 or through our Live Chatbot for more information!


Online sales of prescription lenses are strictly regulated by Optometrists and Opticians Board (OOB) in Singapore. Please ensure that you have a valid prescription for online purchase of spectacles by a registered optometrist.

Feel free to email us for any enquiries or schedule an appointment at our retail store for an eye test before your purchase!

For online sales of prescription lenses within Singapore:

1) You must be aged 16 years and above, without any organic eye disease. 

2) Spectacles for single vision use only, with power up to ±6.00D/-2.00DC. Strictly no sales of prism, curve lenses, progressive lenses, bifocal lenses or free-form single vision lens.

3) Provide a valid prescription which includes your full name, unique identification number and other details (Please Click Here For Further Information).

Kindly note that we are not allowed to amend prescriptions provided by the consumers. If the prescription provided is found to be invalid (e.g expired/incomplete), we will contact the consumer to arrange an on-site examination for a new valid prescription.

* We reserve the right to reject your order if it is found that your eye condition and/or prescription is not suitable for online prescription lens purchase. We will contact you directly to arrange for refunds. 

You can request a written prescription (for a nominal fee) from your nearest qualified eye care professional and request that he/she writes a prescription for online spectacle purchase according to the regulations (click here) outlined by the Optometrists and Opticians Board in Singapore. Alternatively, you can also schedule a complimentary basic eye test at our retail store!

Don't have a prescription, or worried that your prescription is no longer valid? Feel free to schedule an appointment for a complimentary eye test at our retail store.

* Note: A fee of SGD35 is only required if you need a written prescription.

You cannot use your contact lens prescription when ordering new glasses, since they sit directly on the eye and require different measurements.

Do feel free to email our customer support if you're unsure of what type of lenses you need. 

For online sales of lenses, we are currently only allowed to sell single-vision lenses up to -6.00D (diopters) and -2.00DC (cylinder), according to regulations in Singapore. If you need special lenses such as progressive lenses, you'll have to make them personally at our physical store!

If your prescription contains PRISM values, we’re not able to prescribe glasses to you online. You will need to bring along a doctor’s prescription to our retail store for a physical consultation.

Store Policy

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we will not accept returns for hygiene reasons. Eyewear are strictly non-refundable as they are customised products. Strictly no refunds or returns for sale items and orders with manually entered prescriptions or expired prescriptions.

For assistance on your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@rayliteoptical.com.sg!

We reserve the right to reject your order if it is found that your eye condition and/or prescription is not suitable for online prescription lens purchase (according to local regulations in Singapore). We will contact you directly to arrange for alternative arrangements. 

If your item is eligible for a 1-to-1 exchange, our customer care team will liaise with you directly for arrangements. 

Products that are vintage will be clearly labelled as "vintage eyewear" in the product title and description. These products are at least 20 to 30 years old and often have tarnishes and/or defects. Vintage products are strictly not eligible for refunds, exchanges or returns.

If you'd prefer to view the products in person before purchase, don't hesitate to contact us to arrange for an appointment!

After-Care & Servicing

Loose nose pads or spectacle hinges? Schedule an appointment with us if you need any after-care servicing!

This could be due to various reasons. It is common for some people to take a few days to fully adapt to a new pair of prescriptive glasses. 

Another possibility is that your new glasses may not be sitting at the optimal position in front of your eyes. You can get your frame adjusted at our retail store.

Finally, another reason could be due to changes in prescription. Do ensure that your prescription is correct and up-to-date prior to your online purchase! Lens replacement charges will apply.  

You're strongly advised not to make adjustments on your glasses by yourself - leave it to the professionals! Certain materials may require heating before adjustments.