ZEISS Innovation Summit 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Vision Care

ZEISS Innovation Summit 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Vision Care

We are excited to share our incredible experience at the recent ZEISS Innovation Summit 2.0!

It started off with the ZEISS Vision Experts Summit in the morning, the first of its kind in South East Asia. As one of the select few invited for this exclusive segment, it was an honour to participate, further solidifying our status as a ZEISS Vision Expert for both our Tampines & Orchard branches. 

Inspirational Talks and Product Launches

The summit kicked off with an inspiring talk by local entrepreneur Rachel Lim, co-founder of Love, Bonito. She shared her journey and insights on navigating the retail landscape, scaling a business, and fostering customer loyalty. The session was both motivating and thought-provoking, offering valuable lessons for our own practice.

Fireside Chat with Our Optometrist, Zachary Tan

Our very own optometrist, Zachary, took center stage in a fireside chat, discussing the business transformation we’ve undergone here at Raylite Optical, the challenges of opening a new store, and our plans for the future. This conversation highlighted our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in providing top-tier eye care services.

Exploring "My Vision Experience by ZEISS"

We had the opportunity to delve into "My Vision Experience by ZEISS," a comprehensive suite of ZEISS equipment, that we also offer at our Raylite stores. For example, the ZEISS iProfiler plus features advanced technology that enables us to generate an in-depth and individual "eye map" for each patient, ensuring personalised and precise eye care.

At the Forefront of Futuristic Technologies

We also explored the cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro, which is launching in Singapore just next week! This innovation, along with ZEISS Optical Inserts with prescriptions, signifies the exciting advancements in the field of vision care & tech!

[Update] If you need vision correction, ZEISS Optical Inserts will help you enjoy the stunning Apple Vision Pro experience to the fullest.

Book your appointment at our Raylite Optical Orchard outlet now to get ZEISS Optical Inserts.

New Product Launches & Latest Research for ZEISS MyoCare

Another highlight of the event was the launch of new ZEISS lenses and technologies. One of the new lenses is the ZEISS Light 2 Lenses - a 'light' way to progressive lenses. It boasts of a fast adaptation for first time wearers and easy reading of digital devices. 

ZEISS SmartLife lenses are also now enhanced with HV C.O.R.E technology, which stands for Horizontal-Vertical Centre of Rotation of the Eye. In the past, eye movements were previously determined by only one centre of rotation of the eye. Now, fields of view in ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are optimised with the consideration of 2 centres of rotations (horizontal & vertical) based on the latest insights & research. 

ZEISS SmartLife Young Lenses were also introduced at the summit. These are lenses specially catered for wearers under 20 years old and are optimised with Dynamic AgeFit Technology, customised according to the child's age. 

Meanwhile, in the field of myopia management, the latest research on ZEISS MyoCare, myopia control lenses for kids, was unveiled. This breakthrough is crucial in addressing the growing concern of myopia in children, and we look forward to sharing more about the various types of myopia management solutions with our clients!

ZEISS Cleaning Solutions & Warm Eye Masks

ZEISS showcased their popular cleaning solutions, i.e the ZEISS antifog kit and lens wipes. The company also introduced their latest product - warm eye masks, further enhancing our ability to provide holistic eye care products that cater to different aspects of eye health & wellness. 

Celebrating Excellence: ZEISS Award Ceremony

The event culminated in the ZEISS Award Ceremony, where Raylite Optical was recognized as the Top Smartlife Digital Lens Fitter (ECP) for 2023 in Singapore!

This award will spur us to continue working hard and staying true to our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to our patients.

Networking and Continuous Learning

The summit also provided a platform for continuous industry learning and seminars. We had the pleasure of hosting and networking with our overseas delegates from the region, exchanging insights and forging new connections that will undoubtedly enrich our practice.

We also had the opportunity to host our foreign guest at our new Orchard outlet. It was definitely an engaging and insightful exchange of knowledge, culture and ideas.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the ZEISS team for organizing this amazing event. It was an incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and celebrate the advancements in vision care. We look forward to implementing the knowledge and innovations gained at the summit to continue providing exceptional care to our patients.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue our journey of excellence in eye care!

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