Varilux XR Series Lenses: Essilor Unveils Latest Progressive Lens Designs

Varilux XR Series Lenses: Essilor Unveils Latest Progressive Lens Designs

How hard are our eyes working?

Think about it.

Did you know that our eyes move more than 100,000 times a day? This is according to research study done by Schiller & Tehovnik on saccadic eye movements.

We live in an era of information overload that is increasingly on the go. We are constantly in motion, whether it's our environment, our body, our head and our eyes! 

Are you tired of compromising on your vision clarity and comfort? Look no further! We recently had the incredible opportunity to attend Essilor's product launch event for the revolutionary Varilux XR Series Lenses. Let us take you on a journey of optical innovation and introduce you to a world of enhanced vision like never before.

Unveiling a New Standard of Vision Correction: The Varilux XR Series Lenses have set a new standard in vision correction, combining cutting-edge technology with personalised precision. Technology-Powered Vision Revolution: The Varilux XR Series Lenses are not just another pair of lenses; they incorporate the latest advancements in behavioural artificial intelligence.

More than 1 million data from exclusive research, wearer test in real-life, wearer behaviour and postural measurements in store were computed and analysed. A digital twin of the patient is created in its 3D environment, reproducing real life situations, to predict its visual behaviour profile. 

This AI system is composed of several predictive models. Essilor has also introduced two new predictive models of visual behaviour: 1) Gaze lowering model and 2) Accommodation model.

Wearer parameters include:
Age, prescription, pupillary distance, eye/head coefficient and pupil size

Predictive models include:
Visual acuity loss, head/eye coordination, accomodation, gaze behaviour and postural efforts. 

For every single wearer prescription, the visual behaviour profile is established to design a progressive lens that respects their natural eye behaviour.

Chen Hanwei's Experience: During the product launch event, we were privileged to hear renowned actor Chen Hanwei share his personal experience wearing the new Varilux XR Series Lenses. He emphasised the remarkable clarity and sharpness he experienced while wearing these lenses, whether on set, reading scripts, or going about his daily activities. His endorsement further reinforced our belief in the transformative power of these lenses.

Conclusion: The Varilux XR Series Lenses have revolutionised the way we perceive and experience the world around us. With their unmatched clarity, personalized precision, and innovative technology, they have set a new benchmark in the realm of vision correction.

Say goodbye to compromise and embrace a vision that is tailored to you. Visit our retail store in Tampines and our friendly eye care professionals will be happy to share more about our array of progressive lens solutions. 

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