Our Bestselling Frame Shapes at Raylite Optical | Fashion Tips & Styling Guide

Our Bestselling Frame Shapes at Raylite Optical | Fashion Tips & Styling Guide

Undecided on your next frame design? Here’s a list of our top selling eyewear designs for 2020 here at Raylite Optical!

We've also included bits of history behind some iconic frame shapes as well as styling tips for various face shapes. 

#8: Wrap-around Glasses

wrap sports sunglasses frame style design

Sporty wrap around glasses are designed to protect your the corner of eyes from UV exposure. Standard wrap designs feature two separate lenses on a curved frame that extends to the side temples. Another popular design is known as 'shield' glasses, which consist of only one large piece of lens that curves around your face for a comprehensive coverage. 

Here at Raylite Optical, our bestselling brands for athletic or lifestyle wrap-around glasses include Oakley, Adidas and Nike. Do note that customised prescriptive lenses may be required if the frame is too curved. Feel free to contact us to learn more! 

#7: Cat Eye

cat eye style elegant

Next up, we have the chic and timeless cat eye design, which is also known as Manhattan or upswept. It was first introduced in the 1950's and later popularised by cultural icons such as Audrey Hepburn. 

It is a truly versatile style that is bound to add some flair and sophistication to your look. To best complement your facial features, it is recommended to find a contrasting frame shape. Simply put, if your face shape is more angular, pick a rounder cat eye look to soften your features. For rounder face shapes, pick an angular cat eye frame to add some definition and contouring. 

#6: Aviator

Our list wouldn't be complete without the iconic aviator style! This design is characterised by a thin metal frame with tear-drop shape lenses and a double bridge. While this style is compatible with most face shapes, the tear-drop design may not rest well on the cheeks on fuller faces. 

#5: Browline

Another iconic shape - the browline generally features a bold upper frame with a thin metal lower frame. This design is generally not recommended for heart face shapes as it may place excessive emphasis on the upper part of the face. 

#4: Geometric

A currently trending style are frames in geometric or reimagined shapes with sharp angles. Select a frame shape that is in contrast with your face shape. For instance, if you have an angular face shape, pick a geometric frame which are slightly curved or have gentler angles. 

For a subtle and contemporary statement, pick frames with a thin or slimline design. If you're looking for a bold look, opt for a thick geometric frame in a strong colour to pack that extra punch! 

#3: Square

Next up - square frames! Oversized square frames were popular in mod fashion in the '60s. Recently, square frames have made a comeback in the fashion scene. Choose a sleek and thin square frame for a more contemporary and professional look. For a more retro vibe, pick thick and bold square frames.

#2: Pantos

A timeless and versatile style - pantos shape glasses are generally characterised by a round or oval shape with a flattened top. The term comes from the word, 'pantoscopic', which means a wide-angled view. This style was popularised in the 1980s by celebrities including John Lennon and Woody Allen.


#1: Round

Our most popular shape - round frames! This style was first made famous in Hollywood silent movies, and later often associated with celebrities such as John Lennon and fictional characters such as Harry Potter. 

Choose a fitted size for a preppy or retro look, and oversized for a bold and eccentric look. Round glasses are flattering for diamond, square and triangle face shapes, as they add balance by softening the features of angular faces. 

round frame shape eyewear styling tips

The styling advice provided in this guide are general guidelines and not definitive rules!

Feel free to try out your favourite styles at our retail store and our consultants will be happy to assist in your search for your next look!

To help you shortlist your favourite styles, we have collated a comprehensive list of the different eyewear shapes out there! 

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